2 Tips for get Best Car Audio Equalizer Settings for Car Audio

Are you looking for ways to improve the sound quality of your car audio system? So, what can you do to get the best sound system? In short, the equalizer is your friend. It will help you tune your audio system and achieve a crisp and precise sound output.


What are the best equalizer settings for car? First of all, you need to know how to setup an equalizer. This is done by adjusting the sliders. In simple terms, the equalizer is used for increasing or decreasing certain frequencies. The equalizer settings for your car will depend on where you want to adjust the audio tones. For example, if you want to increase bass output from your speakers, then set the bass level higher than normal using the equalizer settings for car.


You can also bring out other tones by adjusting other frequencies like treble and midrange. But be careful while making adjustments with your audio system’s equalizer so that it doesn’t make other tones too sharp or too muffled. For this reason, it is recommended that you don’t change the factory setting of an equalizer in your car.


What are the best equalizer settings ?

If you ask me, there really is no “best” equalizer setting. It depends on your goals, but what sounds best to you is truly the best setting for you. see also How To Choose the Best Car Equalizer for you.  To be honest, I don’t have specific rules for you. However, I want to make sure that you understand why an equalizer is helpful and what problems it solves.

If you want better sound in your car, you need to spend some time learning how your equalizers work. I’ll explain which settings you should use and which you should avoid. But first, let me explain what equalizers do.


What is an equalizer? How does an equalizer work ?

Car stereos and equalizers come in many forms. Some of the most common are shown here. You can find quality equalizers in some aftermarket car stereo systems. However, you can also install an external add-on equalizer to achieve great sound quality.


Are car equalizers worth it?

Yes if you really need an equalizer if you want the best sound from your car audio

One common feature of equalizers is their ability to correct sound problems in your car. For example, many vehicles have an equalizer that allows you to adjust treble and bass levels to eliminate excessive harshness or improve deficient areas in the sound quality.

In addition to correcting sound problems, equalizers allow you to customize your music listening experience by adding bass or treble boosts (called “bass boosters” or “treble boosters”). Some equalizers also allow you to cut certain frequencies of sound (called “treble cut”), which can give you more volume without having to turn up the overall level of the music being played.


How to tune your system for the best EQ settings

Equalizers can make your music listening experience more enjoyable by customizing it according to your own preferences.


What are your system settings? How do you measure success? If you want to tune your system, you can do the following:

  • Find a quiet place without outside noise where you can start your journey. Make sure the engine is off.
  • To set up your RTA, it should be similar to the number of bands on your EQ. The measuring speed should be medium or slow. Personally, I prefer 31-band mode but if you have fewer bands, using a smaller number of bands will help you see these changes in your display.
  • Step one is to setup your audio equipment. Make sure everything is turned off, or at least set to zero. Turn off any bass boost or other enhancements on your amplifier.
  • First, plug in your microphone. Then, connect your microphone to the RTA. Play a pink noise track with your RTA for measuring the output of the system. If your RTA app doesn’t generate noise, you can connect the AUX input of your head unit to the output of the RTA.
  • You should place the RTA to the middle of the dashboard, at a height that is just below your ears. From this position, you can easily view the frequency response curves of your car’s speakers.
  • Adjust the EQ for each band and watch how it affects the overall sound. Don’t adjust the EQ by too much or you’ll constantly have to compensate by adjusting other bands. Do it in small increments.
  • A perfect audio system would have a flat frequency response. But that’s not realistic or attainable for most people. So, we’re aiming for the best sound possible and will then custom tailor it for you.


Once you are happy with the results, save your EQ settings as a preset if it’s a digital unit. If it’s an analog EQ with dials or sliders, take notes for future reference.

Now to fine-tune your mix. Put on a song that has a lot of bass and listen to it through the best speakers you can. Tweak the EQ to make it sound perfect. I personally love bass so I tend to boost 60Hz, 120Hz and 16-20KHz. But you might like different frequencies and different amounts of boosting. This is all about what sounds best to you.


Setting up your car audio system can be frustrating. The worst thing is that the sound system you’re paying for doesn’t sound great. The best goal isn’t to get perfect sound but instead.

(1) correct the worst problems in your sound system and

(2) adjust the results to get the sound that YOU really enjoy with your music.

After tuning the system, feel free to use your bass booster or other features if you think you like how they sound.


What is the best equalizer setting for bass?

The equalizer setting helps you to listen to music in the car. It makes bass, mid, and treble sound good together. It depends on your mood, and if you are driving in the rain or not.

When we travel alone, we prefer the bass to be higher. If we are with a friend or family member, we prefer a mixture of higher tones with lower bass. All depends on our mood. I suggest using a good subwoofer with a good enclosure to get the deep, powerful sound you are looking for.


4 Tips To get the Best Equalizer settings For bass in the Car :

  1. When you park your car, you may turn on your car stereo sound system.
  2. Before playing a song on your sound system, make sure it has a diverse range of sounds. Play high-frequency sounds, low-frequency sounds, and mid-range frequency sounds..
  3. When adjusting the equalizer on your car stereo, you should make sure that the fade control is set to make all of the sound come out of your front speakers. You might also want to choose which speaker makes the front left sounds. Make sure that these settings are the same for both of your speakers.
  4. When you do the car stereo EQ, don’t forget that a lot of people listen to music in their cars with open windows and is affected by the outside noise and sounds. To get a good sound you have to adjust the bass and treble, but don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll lose quality.


What is the best bass and treble settings for car stereo?

Many car stereos have presets for different types of music. Pop music, for example, might emphasize the higher treble frequencies over the lower bass frequencies. The manufacturer has selected a specific combination of treble, bass and midrange that works best for that type of music.


Best Car Audio Equalizer Settings for Car Audio


If you’re looking for the best sound settings for your car stereo, just choose the one that you usually listen to. Then, maybe adjust it a little if you want a bit more bass or treble.

As you can see, this car stereo has a lot of settings, and it’s important to understand what they do. One thing we need to understand is that this stereo is designed for non-mobile listening. It’s made for the car, and it comes with features to improve the sound quality.


If you have an audio system in your car, the sound quality is based on Bass, Midrange and Treble.


Best Car Audio Equalizer Settings for Car Audio



Bass is a tone of low and deep frequency sound. A bass adjustment is likely the most common equalizer setting. The bass, mid and treble settings should be set at a ratio of 4:5. See the video below for an extreme bass setup of 40,000 watts.



To identify bass and treble settings for your car stereo, we recommend you listen to songs with good bass and treble. We recommend songs by Kasami Washington for identifying the optical treble of your car stereo.


Best Car Audio Equalizer Settings for Car Audio
Bass, Midrange and Treble Equalizer Adjuster


Setting up your car stereo doesn’t mean just turning up or down bass or treble. It’s about getting the right combination of settings that are best for your audio experience. To get the best bass and treble settings for your car stereo, make sure to use only certified and compatible speakers with an amp with an RMS power rating of at least 50 watts per channel or higher and for each speaker channel, giving you the best quality sound platform.


Final Thoughts

Get started by adjusting the balance and audio pre-sets on your car stereo system. Most stereos will have music pre-sets that are good enough for most people, and if not, you can adjust the bass, midrange, and treble to your personal preference.



Best Equalizer Settings for Bass in Car

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