How to choose an amplifier for cars speakers

Choosing a power amplifier can sometimes be very difficult, the power amplifier has a very important role to create a quality audio system.

However, the power amplifier that must be remembered is not to amplify the sound.

The power amplifier plays a role in making the dynamic range of the sound better.

Dynamic range is the ability of the sound from low to high levels to sound stable.


Then what should be considered when choosing a power amplifier?


How to Choose the Amplifier for Your Car or Truck


When choosing power, the first thing to pay attention to is to adjust the specs with other components such as speakers or subwoofers,”

don’t make the wrong choice power amplifier specifications because it can make you unable to lift the speakers or subwoofer.


In principle, before choosing a power amplifier, you must first understand the specifications of the speaker or subwoofer, especially the wattage and impedance.


What is Impedance

Impedance is a measure of the resistance of a speaker that can be measured from an alternating current source or commonly called AC


For example, speaker X has an average output power alias RMS (Root Mean Square) of a minimum of 50 watts and a maximum of 100 watts.


This means that you must choose a power amplifier with a minimum output power of 50 watts.

If the power is greater, of course, the sound will be better and more powerful.


“You should look for the right power, which is the best, from the power amplifier with its components (speakers or subwoofer) if it is appropriate, the power and sound produced is automatically optimal,”


Pay attention to the features contained in the power amplifier.

In a power amplifier, there are usually several features that determine the sound quality.

These features include gain control, x-over, and Bass EQ.

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The gain on the power amplifier serves as sound leveling.

The size of the sound emitted by the power amplifier can be adjusted from the gain control.

Bass EQ plays a role in regulating the sound at low frequencies, which range from 35-159 Hz.

Finally, pay attention to the quality of the power amplifier used.

One of the benchmarks is to use a well-known branded or branded power amplifier.


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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Audio Amplifier

Here are some tips for choosing the best car amplifier that you can use to choose the amplifier that you will use for your vehicle:


  1. Choose a trusted brand.

Make sure to choose an amplifier brand that has Trusted. 

With a trusted brand, the quality of the amplifier cannot be doubted.

In addition, an amplifier that already has a brand or name will certainly provide a guarantee for damage to you. 

Do not be too trusting of new brands that have not been tested for quality.


  1. Choose the right character.

Each brand of amplifier will of course issue a variety of amplifier products that offer different output tempos. 

Some are slow and some are fast. Be sure to choose the type and character of the amplifier that suits your needs.


  1. Don’t just look at the specs listed on the product

It would be better if you don’t rely too much on the specs that are usually written in the product brochure or box. 


Some usually don’t go into detail so it won’t help you.

And it can even lead to misunderstandings when you buy it. 

Therefore, it is better for you to ask the installer directly to know for sure the specs and quality of the amplifier you mean.


  1. Choosing the Type of Amplifier

You can determine the type of amplifier that is suitable for use in your car for its audio system. 

There are several models that are designed and have advantages that will provide performance for the signal strength that will be sent by your car speakers.


In addition you also have to determine the number of channels based on the existing system.

You can also set the amount on your system according to your plan that you will use to build the existing system.


If you want to change then you also have to be careful in choosing a model that also has many channels.

Apart from that you should also know beforehand that there are two types of channels namely:


  • Stereo which will provide either left or right side signal and mono which will provide both left and right audio.
  • The subwoofer that you should consider on a car amplifier is with 2 or it could be more than stereo channels and there is one mono channel so that it can provide very super bass and the most pleasant to enjoy.


  1. Evaluating Device Power

capabilities of the amplifier device are also one of the most important and important things for you to make your choice. 


There are two types of strong measures to keep an eye on:

  • The root mean is a measure that has a square power or an existing power.
  • RMS is the continuous amount of power that the device will deliver to the speakers. RMS power amplifier which is very suitable for amplifiers.


In addition, there is a size that will provide maximum power from the amplifier that will be used for the car. 

So this is what will show how much wattage the device is using and is able to provide an unexpected increase in sound. 


The amount generated will be higher when compared to the amount of power generated by RMS. 

Then the higher and the better the device so that it will provide more quality enjoyment.


Types of Car Amplifiers 

Before you buy an amplifier for your car, it would be better if you know the types of car amplifiers that are currently circulating in the market.

Here’s the explanation.


  1. Class A

Amplifier This type of amplifier is the most linear among all types of amplifiers.

Any signal generated from this amplifier will be the same as the input signal. 

It can be said that the input and output of a class A amplifier are directly proportional.

Some of the characteristics possessed by class A amplifiers include:


  • The output device (transistor) will transmit the input signal. It can be said that this amplifier will produce the entire wave amplitude of the sound signal that enters it as a whole.
  • Included in the amplifier is hot because the transistors in it work continuously with maximum power.
  • There is no time lag where the transistor can rest. When the amplifier is powered by a constant electric current, the transistor will work continuously and will generate heat (unless you turn off the electricity). This is called bias.
  • The value of a class A amplifier is around 20.


It can be said that a class A amplifier is an efficient amplifier because per watt of output issued it will be wasted in the form of heat. 


There is about 4-5 watts wasted.

Usually class A amplifiers have large bodies and are very heavy.

Because of the heat generated it is not suitable when you use a class A amplifier for general cars. 

Class A amplifiers require considerable ventilation and heat dissipation. 


But behind all that, the advantage of using a class A amplifier is that the resulting sound detail will be free from distortion.


  1. Class B Amplifier

In a class B amplifier there are positive and negative parts of the signal which are handled by different parts of the circuit. 


The output device will continue to work on and off. 

The following are the characteristics of a class B amplifier.


  • The input signal from this amplifier must be larger in order to run the transistor properly.
  • It is the opposite of a class A amplifier.
  • At least there are two output devices similar to this amplifier. The amplifier output section will run the two outputs. Each output device will alternate half the wavelength of the sound signal. When the transistor is not working, there is no electricity flowing through the transistor.
  • Each output device is in the on state for one and a half cycles of the amplitude waveform.


Class B amplifiers work cooler than class A amplifiers,

but class B power amplifiers experience distortion at certain frequencies. 

This is because the amplifier does not work fully every time when it is switched on. 


This amplifier topology works with a push-pull system, one to pull the signal from the loudspeaker and the other to push the audio signal to the loudspeaker. 

So the price of a class B amplifier is cheaper because it uses two kinds of transistors.


  1. Amplifier class AB

This amplifier is a combination of the two types of amplifiers above. 

This type of amplifier has several advantages, each from class A and B. 


The advantages of this type of amplifier are the sound quality is comparable to class A amplifiers and its efficiency is similar to class B amplifiers. 


Many modern amplifier models use this topology. 

Some of the characteristics that exist in class AB amplifiers are:


  • The system works the same as class A amplifiers but with lower output levels.
  • The output bias is set so that electric current can flow in the output device for more than half the signal cycle but less than the entire cycle.
  • There is sufficient current flowing from each device to operate so that they respond quickly to input voltage demands.
  • At the push-pull output stages there is some overlap as each output device assists each other during the crossover  from the positive to the negative half of the signal.


For the value of efficiency, this class AB amplifier has a value of around 50 and makes it an amplifier that is quite popular today. 

You can use this amplifier both in the car and at home.


  1. Class D Amplifier

characteristics possessed by this class D amplifier include:


  • Some class D amplifiers run in digital mode and use coherent niner data but some do not.
  • Output devices can be quickly turned on and off at least twice in a cycle.
  • It really depends on the switching frequency.
  • In theory, Class D Amplifiers are 100% efficient but in reality the efficient value is only around 80-90%
  • . Usually used in non-Hi-fi applications or subwoofers.


In addition, there are several other types of amplifiers on the market, such as:


  • Hybrid model, which is a type of cheap car sound amplifier that uses transistors and tubes as electronic components.
  • Tube / Tube, which is a type of amplifier that can provide a better tone quality with a more natural sound characteristic, thin and stiff / dry but is usually sold at a fairly expensive price in the market.



Important Points in Choosing a Car Amplifier


  1. Budget

The most important thing you should pay attention to when choosing an amplifier for your car is how much budget you have. 

You should consider choosing the number of channels based on your current finances. 


If you have a subwoofer, then you should consider having a car amplifier with two or more stereo channels and one mono channel which can later give you the super bass effect you want.


  1. Evaluating device power

The technical capability of the device is one of the most important factors in determining which amplifier is right for your car. 

There are two types of device power that you need to know, namely:


  • RMS power , which is the amount of power that is continuously supplied to the device to the speakers. The RMS power of the amplifier must match the speakers.
  • Another measure of the maximum power of a car amplifier. This indicates how much electrical power (watts) the device is capable of using at a low increase in sound. This maximum power must always be higher than the total RMS power.


So it is more appropriate if you choose an amplifier that has a large RMS (watt) value but a small THD.


  1. Look for capabilities and features that suit your needs.

Since your stereo system has a built-in amplifier, you’ll need to choose an additional one that matches the capabilities of the original unit. 

Taking into account the power to amplify the built-in unit and ensuring that with one addition it can deliver 75%-150% of your car’s speaker power limit.

If you want to get the maximum bass effect then you should choose a device with a low-pass filter and a built-in bass boot. 


This will make your heart flutter when you hear the audio produced. 

If you want treble then you should buy a device that is equipped with a high-pass filter to ensure that your car audio speakers last a long time.


  1. Car audio accessories to install the device

On some car amplifiers are usually not available at all additional accessories are used to install. 

That’s why you need to check what’s included in the audio package and buy the missing components separately. 

In addition, considering choosing a good amplifier brand will make your car audio quality.

This is because it is guaranteed to have solid performance and a very good reputation. 

So you don’t have to worry about the quality of your car amplifier.


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