Why Are My AirPods so Quiet and How to Fix Them

Why Are My AirPods So Quiet? It is one of the most common questions asked by AirPods users. Can it be any louder? And how to make my AirPods louder, if possible.

I will share with you how to fix quiet AirPods in this article. If you’re interested in learning more, I’ve previously written an article on how to make a Bluetooth headset louder.


Why are my AirPods so quiet, and how do I make them louder?

It would be helpful for you to check the volume on your phone before moving on to the next step.


Make sure the AirPods are charged

The AirPods may act strangely if they have a low battery. Test the audio again after topping off the batteries for one or two hours.


Turn off Low Power mode

The iPhone could be restricting the volume of your AirPods, which is another major reason for their low volume. When the phone is in a low-power mode, this might be the case. The AirPods’ performance may be reduced in order to conserve battery energy, volume levels, and other features. On iPhone, follow these steps to turn off low power mode.

  • Open the iPhone’s settings.
  • Go to the Battery selection.
  • An option for Low Power Mode will now appear.
  • Turn it off if it’s on.


Turn off any equalizer (EQ) settings

Most EQ settings, especially those with the word Booster in their name, make audio playing through AirPods sound softer. Turning off EQ is the best option.


Calibrate the sound between the iPhone and AirPods

The minimum and maximum volume interpretations of the phone and AirPods may be different.

  • Turn the iPhone volume all the way down while listening to music through your AirPods.
  • Turn off Bluetooth.
  • Turn on the iPhone speaker and play some music before turning it back down completely.
  • Connect the AirPods and turn on Bluetooth.


Recalibrating the audio levels takes a minute or two, so you should try it anyway.


Turn off Reduce Loud Sounds

A maximum volume restriction may be set up in the settings.

In the Settings app, you can turn this capability off with a couple of steps:


Sounds & Haptics > Headphone Safety > Reduce Loud Sounds.


Now, if Reduce Loud Sounds is already off (the slider is not green). The headphones will then become quieter if you turn on to Reduce Loud Sounds. You’ll find a slider in the Sounds & Haptics section to increase the volume of calls and warnings if you’re missing them because the sound is too low. Ringer and Alerts are the names of those two sections.


Make sure both earbuds are set to the same volume

Go to the iPhone Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual. Make sure the volume is a balance of the L and R sliders.


Clean the AirPods

The earbuds might need a thorough cleaning if none of the above remedies worked to address the audio issue. The AirPods get covered in earwax because they spend a lot of time in your ears. If you notice build-up, try cleaning it off carefully.


Reset AirPods with the iPhone

This may help with problems caused by AirPods or other Bluetooth devices in general. If you’ve done everything else in this article and you’re still unable to alleviate the issue of your Apple AirPods being so quiet, then maybe try these steps. Lastly, you can attempt to reset your AirPods if all else fails.

Here is what you will need to do.

Close the case’s lid after inserting your Apple AirPods.

  1. Open the charging case cover after roughly 30 to 60 seconds have passed.
  2. Open the Settings menu on your iOS device. Alternatively, Bluetooth
  3. The AirPods should be listed in your Bluetooth settings.
  4. Next to your AirPods, click the icon.
  5. Choose Forget This Device now.
  6. You are unpairing the AirPods from your iOS device by doing this.
  7. After completing this, hold the AirPods case lid open while long pressing the case’s Setup button.
  8. You will see an amber light that flashes for 15 to 20 seconds before becoming white if you continue.
  9. You can now link your AirPods with your device once more as they are in pairing mode.
  10. You must now adhere to the instructions that appear on the screen while keeping the AirPods close to your iOS smartphone.


reset your airpods with iphone
Step-by-step reset your AirPods


Frequently Asked Questions:

With too-quiet AirPods, I’m still having problems. What can I do to help?

Get in touch with Apple Support or schedule an appointment at the Apple Store. Make sure to detail all of your troubleshooting efforts.




There’s no need to be concerned when it comes to silent AirPods. It might be a software issue that can be fixed by following simple procedures most of the time.

You may be requested to perform additional procedures that we have outlined in this article, however.


Hope your Apple AirPods issue was solved thanks to our tips. You should be able to fix it if you follow the steps we’ve provided.

You should bring it to the nearest Apple Store if nothing else works, because the experts can handle the rest! You might have to replace your AirPods, which are hopefully still covered by warranty in the worst case scenarion


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