4 Tips & Tricks to Make a Sealed Box Louder

One of the questions many people ask is, can you make a sealed box louder? If so, how are the ways?

For those who love music, one of the speaker types they normally have is a sealed box. 

Normally, people choose this kind of speaker because it can deliver a better bass frequency compared to the ported subwoofer. 

However, the cons of this type of speaker are that the sound is not as loud as other types.


Tricks on How to Make a Sealed Box Louder

Generally, to make a sealed box louder, people can change their speaker into a stronger one or get more power from an amplifier. 

However, this kind of strategy can be risky. 

Luckily, other simpler ways can make the sound louder. Hence, here are some tips you can try:


1. Tighten the Box & Seal All Leaks

One of the easiest ways on how to make a speaker box louder is by tightening the box. 

Furthermore, all sides of the box should be sealed maximum. To get the best result, use a hand drill or screwdriver to close all gaps.

After that, sealing all leaks is necessary. 

Air leaks can diminish the sound levels, which makes it less loud. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, the best method to apply is to tighten the inside of the box using wood glue.  


2. Fill in Polyfill

A trick that many people do not know is to fill in the box with polyfill. 

Filling in a polyfill subwoofer will make the speaker think that it is in a bigger box, therefore it produces better bass. 

So, to get a louder sound, put in polyfill inside the box and around the speakers. 


3. Changing the Speaker Box

Another way to get a better quality of sound is by changing the box. 

A good and durable speaker box will not only deliver louder sound but also can protect the equipment from any damage. 

For those who want to get a louder sound, then it is better to change the speaker box into a better material such as fiberboard to plywood. 


4. Change the Speaker Wires

Normally people use electrical cords to connect the sub and box. This option is popular because it is cheap and easy to do.

However, if you are expecting loud sounds, this will not do. 

If you want a louder sound, change your wires into a thicker one like the 12-gauge oxygen-free copper wire. 

This will not only deliver better sound but also be safer to use. 



Moreover, a simple way to make a sealed box louder is by closing all the leaks inside. So, people can get a better sound. 

The second trick that people can try is by changing the speaker box. Make sure to choose a place that is made of good quality.

However, if this is not effective, then change the speaker into a stronger one. This delivers better results although the cost is more expensive.  

Finally, those are plenty of ways to make a sealed box louder.

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