The reason why the amp is not getting enough voltage

The amp not get enough voltage. It will have an impact on the sound produced.

Hearing it will be less pleasurable. The bass will sound hollow


Why is the amp not getting enough voltage?


If the power amp is underpowered due to a lack of electricity supply, which is unable to satisfy the demand of the drivers used, this causes the power amp to feel underpowered.

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How to fix underpowered amp 

You can add a power source, but first consider the power amplifier you’re using.

You must consider the maximum PSU limit for the power amp you have. You can modify some drivers in your power amplifier.


Many Transistors

amp not getting enough voltage
Transistor Final, Amp


Too many transistors can make your power amplifier less powerful.

This is due to the large number of transistors but limited power supply.


So match the transistor with the PSU used for your power amp.

Usually, too many transistors will make the sound sluggish and the sound not be heard.

So adjust the transistor with the PSU.


Ground wire is very bad

power amp to not get enough voltage
Ground wire is very bad


Use a high-quality ground wire.

Pay attention to the size of the ground wire and the cable’s installation placement.


Installation in the wrong place will make the amp less powerful, you must pay attention to the installation of this ground cable so that the sound emitted is more leverage


A burning diode

power amp to not get enough voltage


The power amp gets power from the diode. When the diode is hot, the voltage will drop.

Pay close attention to the diode’s position on the amplifier.