Steps on Trunk Speakers Installation

It is important to know the steps in trunk speakers installation. Hence, these ways are to make sure you get the best sound quality.

Therefore, if you are planning to install a speaker into your car, then one of the best places to put them is in the back trunk. 

Furthermore, many people may not know about it. However, Installing a speaker properly in the trunk can deliver great sound quality. 

Additionally, the bass of the music can also be heard clearly, compared if you put it in the doors.


How to Install Speakers in Car Trunk

The location of a speaker inside a car is important to consider. Thereupon, putting it in the wrong space can make the sound of the music unclear which will make people unsatisfied. 

 So, if you are a fan of music, then the best place to put it is in the back trunk. 

Now to get a good sound quality, the key is to install the speaker in the right way. Thus, to make sure this happens, follow these steps for trunk speakers installation.


1. Prepare the Tools

Installing speakers in the trunk can be quite tricky. Therefore, to help you out, having complete tools that can help the process is necessary.

For instance, some of the tools that you will need are sockets, screwdrivers, drills, wrenches, hobby knives, electrical tape, etc.  


2. Disconnect the Car’s Battery

Before installing any speaker, disconnect the negative side of the battery. This simple step will help you prevent your battery from draining and short circuits. 


3. Prepare & Choose a Good Speaker

Other than tools, one of the things to prepare is a good speaker.

Remember that each car is unique, so make sure to choose a speaker that fits the trunk best and has good quality.

A recommended speaker that many people have been using and can deliver high-quality sound is a 6×9 speaker. 

The size is not too small or big, so it is perfect for the trunk.


4. Install the Speaker

There are many ways how to install a speaker into a car trunk. If you want it extra safe, then put the speaker into a wooden box and screw it so that it stays in place.

You can also put the speakers on the side of the walls of the trunk by using plastic hooks and screws.

If you do not want it to take too much space, then attach the speakers to the trunk roof using a strong hook.

However, if you feel all these options are just too difficult, then easily install the speaker on the base of the trunk using wooden plates.


5. Adjust the Volume Settings

After the trunk speakers installation, do not forget to adjust the volume setting. Put in the middle range so it is not too high or low.

This is important to do because if you put it too high, then it will affect your car’s battery.



Trunk speakers installation is tricky, therefore make sure not to rush when doing this work. Once you are done with this work, then start enjoying a good quality of music inside the car.


How to install speakers in your car trunk

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