How to Listening to Audiobooks in your Car | The Complete Guide

Listening to Audiobooks in your car is a great way to use your time more efficiently. Not only does it help you pass the time quickly but it also helps you stay focused and relaxed during a long commute.


Here is a list of things you need to consider before listening to audiobooks in your car:

  • – Make sure that the book is not too long so it won’t take much time for you to finish it, unless that’s what you want.
  • – Purchase a bluetooth speaker or an aux cable so that you can listen to the book without having to take your eyes off the road all the time.
  • – Make sure that if there are any specific rules for driving and using mobile devices, those rules are followed.


What is an Audiobook and Why Should You Care?

What is an Audiobook


Audiobooks are a great way to listen to stories and new information. They can be used on-the-go, while commuting, or even when you are doing chores around the house. An audiobook is something that is recorded reading or telling of a story. They are usually on CDs or cassettes, but nowadays they are more often on mp3s which you can download from websites like Audible.

Audiobooks can be useful for any person who spends a lot of time away from home, either because they work odd hours or have an active lifestyle that keeps them moving all day long.


How to Listen to Audiobooks in Your Car

These days, you can easily listen to audiobooks on your phone and use an audiobook player. The best thing about these players is that they play your audiobooks in the background and don’t require any interaction from you. There are also apps that allow you to download or stream audiobooks from the internet or your phone’s storage. This means that you can use them even if there is no signal and you don’t need to pay for data usage each time.

The best thing about having an app-based solution is that it doesn’t require any extra accessories like Bluetooth or aux cables which can be hard to find in some cars.


How to Listen to Audiobooks with USB

  • If your car has an USB port, you can connect your phone to it and play whatever you have on your phone.
  • Plug your phone into the car’s USB port. Select the USB option in your car’s infotainment system. Navigate to Audible and play the desired audiobook.
  • If you have a device that is compatible with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you can plug it into your car and listen to Audible that way.


How to Listen to Audiobooks with Auxiliary cable

If your car has an auxiliary jack, you can plug your device into it to play whatever is on your phone or device. Any sound that normally plays from your device will now play through the speakers in your car. This would include Audible audiobooks.


How to Listen to Audiobooks with FM Transmitter

FM transmitters turn your music device into a mini radio station. They plug into your device’s charging port or headphone socket and then transmit the music being played across a chosen FM radio frequency.



  • To get your music to play in the car, you will have to connect it wirelessly or through a USB cable.
  • Choosing a radio frequency is important when you want to transmit sound. (Choose a frequency that isn’t occupied by a local radio station.).
  • Tune into the same station and crank up the volume.
  • Open the Audible app on your phone. Play your audiobook or Channel to listen to Audible on that FM frequency. Some FM transmitters get power from your car’s 12V socket and can also charge your device. Others are battery powered and therefore won’t charge. Please check the device’s manual for more information.


Why Is My Audiobook Not Playing in Car?

You may encounter a problem with the audiobook not playing. This can be caused by many reasons, such as:

  • USB Cable Not Connected
  • Weak WI-FI Signal
  • Unstable Bluetooth Connection
  • File Has Error
  • There is a problem with the device you are using.
  • Storage memory space is full


How to fix Bluetooth out of sync in audiobooks?

Audiobooks are ideal for the car, but you have to have a great connection to listen to the book. If your connection is not solid, you may experience syncing issues or not be able to listen to it at all. If you use a wire connection, make sure that the car radio is set to “AUX” mode. This way, there will be no digital noise coming through your speakers. I also recommend using a high-quality AUX cable to avoid possible problems with the connection.


When using AUX / USB connections, the sound quality is better and less likely to disconnect. For the best audio quality, use high-quality files that take up more storage space. You can also use a radio with a WI-FI receiver. Instead of connecting the smartphone to the radio, you’ll need to connect the radio to the smartphone. First, make sure that both devices support the same type of WI-FI (2.4 or 5 GHz).


This method is recommended when reception is strong. However, you should be ready to keep an eye on your device in case the connection is lost. This option will provide a smoother listening experience than Pandora’s auto-off feature, but it may disconnect from Wi-Fi.


3 Tips for the Best Audible Listening Experience In Your Car

Listening to audiobooks is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to enjoy content. If you’re new to audiobooks, there are some things you should consider before using your device in your car.

  1. Keep the volume low enough that it doesn’t distract other drivers.
  2. Turn off any notifications or alerts on the app or device beforehand if they are distracting while driving.
  3. Set a timer on the app before driving so you know when the time of day comes up that you should stop listening.


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If you want a new way to read and hear books and you don’t want an extra device in your car—listen! Listening to audiobooks is a great way to make time go by and absorb information at the same time.


The newest technology in cars is: in-car entertainment systems with Bluetooth capabilities and mobile apps that let you download audiobooks from your favorite authors. These apps also allow you to listen to podcasts, music, and other audio files offline. If you want a new way to read and hear books and don’t want an extra device in your car—listen!


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