The Comprehensive Guide to Installing Car Audio Systems in Your Home

Switching your car stereo from the speakers built into your car to a high-quality home system is a no-brainer. It sounds better, you have more control over the music, and it’s all so much more comfortable.


What is a Car Audio System and Why Would You Need One in Your Home?

Car audio systems are a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy the latest in music and movies. But, if you live in a house, installing a car audio system might seem like an impossible task. However, with the help of a car audio installer, it’s not as hard as you may think. All you need is an amplifier and some speakers to get started.


What Do You Need To Install A Car Audio System In Your Home?


When you want to install a car audio system in your home, you need to consider the size of your space, the type of speakers you want and where you plan on installing them. You will need a good amplifier and a good set of speakers. The amplifier will be mounted in a cabinet or on the wall. You can also choose to buy an off-the-shelf package that includes all the necessary components for installation.


You may have a car that is on its last leg, but it’s stereo system is still in great shape. Don’t just throw it to the curb. Reuse the stereo and create a home stereo with it.


You have a car stereo that uses a 12 volt battery. But you want to use it in your home so you need to convert it to 120 volts. It sounds crazy, but we will show you how to do it. The first step is to remove the battery and connect the car stereo to a wall outlet. The next step is to replace all the internal cables inside the head unit so that it can play music from the hard drive or CD.


The step you have to do is to remove the stereo from the car. Next you need to set up the stereo to be compatible with your home power. Now that we’re back to our main topic, I’ll walk you through the steps of how to turn a car stereo into a home stereo. Gather all the tools and supplies you will need for this task. It should take you several hours to complete.

Materials Needed :

  • Car stereo
  • Speakers
  • A computer power supply unit (PSU)
  • For a good sound system, you’ll need some boxes. Steel is recommended, but a nice wooden enclosure can be just as effective. You will also need to install the speakers, the stereo, and the PSU.
  • Wire strippers and crimps
  • Box cutter
  • Insulation/electric tape


How To Install a Car Stereo System In Your Home

How To Install a Car Stereo System In Your Home
Install a Car Stereo System In Your Home


Installing a car stereo system in your home can be a great way to improve the entertainment value of your house.


There are many reasons why you may want to install a car stereo system in your home. Some people like the idea of having their own music playing all the time, and others enjoy watching movies on their TV and listening to music at the same time. Whatever reason you have for wanting to install a car stereo system in your home, there are some things you should know before doing so.


Power Supply Unit Wiring

When you plug in a new device, make sure you’re using the right power supply unit.

Now that you have the connector with many wires, choose the green and black wire. Cut a piece of wire and strip the ends.


Attach one end of the wire to the pin connected to the green wire and the other end to the pin connected to the black wire. This jump-starts your PSU, which turns on when you switch it on.


Stereo Wiring

Now go to your car stereo. Pick the red and yellow wires and strip them. Connect them to the yellow wire on the power supply.

 Get the black wire and peel it, then attach it to one of the black wires on the power supply that is different from the one connected to the green wire via a small piece you cut earlier. You can turn the power supply unit on and off to see if it works.


Stereo and Power Supply Unit Connection

Connect the wires to the plug; the black wire from the car system joins with the black plug, whereas red and yellow from the car stereo both go to the yellow plug. Remember from the stereo; yellow is constant, black is ground and red is ignition.


Wiring Sound System

The size of your head unit determines the number of speakers you can connect. The simplest way to connect your speakers is to plug them in. 

If you want surround sound, you can have the front and rear speakers, which are the gray and white ones. Front speakers are marked with a solid color (any color), while rear speakers have a black stripe running from top to bottom. A positive wire is a solid color (any color), and a negative cable has a black stripe running from top to bottom.


Box Measurement and Unit Assembly

Cut a hole in the box of the power supply unit and the speakers. Measure and cut the box around the stereo.


On the power supply unit box, drill as many holes as you can to enable the PSU fan to blow out the heat as it cools down the device. In addition, you can cut out a small square hole that’s large enough for fresh air. After that, you can assemble everything in its own box, and if necessary, fix it with screws.


Final Test

If you want to run your car stereo on 120-volt power from a wall outlet, then you should follow these 11 steps: First, plug the power inverter in the wall outlet. 

Next, press the power button on the remote. Finally, enjoy your music.


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Conclusion – Why Install a Car Audio System in Your Home?


Car stereos are one of the most important features in a car. They are what make driving more enjoyable. A car stereo system in your home will make your house feel more like a home. It will provide you with the same luxury and enjoyment that you would experience if you had one in your car.



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