How To Tune A Car Amplifier For Mids And Highs

How to set up an amplifier for speakers To get the best sound and bass quality, it’s not enough to just rely on the quality of the amplifier.

You will also need to change the Mids And Highs settings on your amplifier, and you can also increase the sound of the power amplifier by adjusting the volume and other settings.

However, these adjustments must be made accurately or the sound quality will deteriorate. Therefore, I will explain How to Tune a Car Amplifier for Mids and Highs in this article.


What frequency is mids and highs?

Frequency is the number of times per second that sound repeats itself.

In everyday conversation, you might have discussed frequency without realizing it; you just refer to it as pitch, which is a subjective response to the frequency.

Low frequencies are the sounds we hear day to day.

Mid-frequency is the range of most commonly heard sounds. They fall between 200-2,000Hz.

High frequency is anything above 2,000Hz and is considered ultrasound.


If you want to tune your car audio, you need to know the basics of frequencies.

Mid, highs, and lows refer to the different ranges in which you hear sound.

The mids are the area where you hear most vocals. You’ll find that the singer’s voice is usually within a 250-2000Hz range.


The lows typically refer to the bass sounds.

They are typically at 500hz frequency or lower.

These sounds produce those awesome rumble sounds that some rap fans like to blast in their cars.

The highs start above 2,000hz, and they typically include sounds like high keys on a piano.

The high frequencies can also bring vocals to the forefront.

It’s important to adjust your mids, highs, and lows to the way you want to experience music.

Not everyone has the same tastes as you. So your tuning will be very personalized and customized to your preferences.


Setting Amplifier Gain

How To Tune A Car Amplifier For Mids And Highs

First, you need to set the volume on your car stereo to the highest level.

Then, lower it about 5 levels.

Next, turn the knob on your amplifier until the sound you hear in your car speakers is not distorted,

You can be setting amplifier gain using 2 methods ( gain by ear method setting, and Setting Gain with a Multimeter ) :


How to set Gain by Ear Method

  • Method 1 – The sound of your car audio system should be pure, not tweaked by the equalizer. Turn off the bass-boost function on your amplifier. Keep the gain setting on your amplifier at zero so that you can hear the pure sound of your speakers. Set the volume of your amplifier to 3/4 of the usual level. Turn on a song you like, and then adjust it to the minimum volume before you start hearing distortion. Tell the assistant to slowly add the control of the gain until new distortions emerge, and stop when you hear them.
  • Method 2- If you are not sure you are hearing the changes in time, then use a more precise method. Use 40 Hz if your body is configured at 40 Hz or above. If your body is configured at 40 Hz or below or you have a sealed box, use 50 Hz. To set gain for the mid-bass amplifier, use 315 Hz.The tone of a specific frequency can be easily heard.Set the gain to a low minimum, turn on your receiver’s tone, and adjust the volume. When the sound of the tone has changed, stop and turn down by several notches (set the maximum volume limit to this value, if your radio has such feature). Go to the amplifier. Similarly to the first method, add gain. When the sound has changed, stop and turn it down by 10%.


Setting Gain with a Multimeter

Setting the volume with a multimeter is easy and accurate.

When you set it up, you should be confident in the power of your amplifier.

Note that when you set it up with a multimeter, you should be confident in the power of your amplifier

read more : how to tune an amp with a multimeter


How to tune a car amp for mids and highs?

Play around with the sounds. Maybe you want to play around with your bass and other sounds to see which tailored sound you like.

If you need to focus on the highs, then potentially you want to boost them.

My amplifier had a switch on it that allowed me to flip it on. Yours probably does, too.


When setting up a car stereo, you’ll need to flip the switch to activate the filter.

The first thing that you want to do is set the high pass filter to 80hz or no more than 80hz.

The next step is to set the low pass filter. The low pass filter plays only the bass, and you can set it lower than 80hz.


Bass Boost

How To Tune A Car Amplifier For Mids And Highs

Bass boost – a powerful tool that increases the volume of low frequencies at 40-45 Hz. It’s usually used to bring more power to the track.


When you boost bass, it can cause distortion at higher volume levels.

Most people do not need bass-boost, and beginners should avoid it.

If used, bass-boost can be used to increase the shelf frequency response.

This can be used to pull dips in certain frequencies, but it is a deep setting that should only be used by experienced users..


How to check that my settings, of my amplifier are correct

You need to fine-tune your work after you’re done tweaking everything.

To do so, you want to turn the stereo all the way down to zero.

Then, you want to turn your volume all the way up to 80 percent maximum volume, or until you hear any distortion.


Congratulations! If you can get the volume to 80 percent without hearing any distortion, you’ve done an excellent job.

Stop fiddling with your sound system immediately.


Even if you hear distortion, don’t worry. It just means you need to turn the gain down.

Keep turning the gain down until the distortion goes away. That’s all there is to it.

After that, you can enjoy a long drive with your favorite music.


To create a great sound experience in your car, you need to adjust the amp.

It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes. After you’ve tweaked it, you’ll probably be amazed at how much better your sound is.


If you’re trying to get your speakers and subwoofer dialed in, you’re not alone.

There are tons of tips and tricks for sound balancing out there.

What worked for you? What mistakes did you see other people make? Share your experiences with us, so we can all make better sounding stereos.

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