How to Make Bluetooth Speaker Louder with 3 simple tips

Sometimes the Bluetooth speaker when the volume is raised more than 50% will reduce the quality of the audio produced, then how to make Bluetooth speaker louder?


There are some simple ways to get around this. That’s why we came up with this idea to make Bluetooth speakers louder. I’ll show you how to boost the sound on portable speakers without destroying your hearing, as well as some reasons for why your sound is so low, and some tips for Louder Portable Bluetooth Speakers indoors and outdoors.


How to make my Bluetooth speaker louder

There are various to how to boost Bluetooth volume without compromising the quality of the resulting audio, instead of destroying it. Based on my experience, I will share a Make a Bluetooth Speaker Louder.


Play With Your Speaker Positioning

Keeping a Bluetooth speaker away from walls and corners can help to increase its loudness. The bass sound is amplified in these places, resulting in a deterioration rather than an improvement in the end.


Most speakers should be at least 18 inches away from a wall (or whatever the manufacturer recommends) and at least 3 feet apart (if you’re using a stereo pair). You can also experiment with turning or pointing the speakers in the direction of your listening spot. Small adjustments in sound intensity may have a major impact.


Experiment with Different Equalizer Settings

Depending on the type of music and the song’s frequency range, Setting equalizers may boost specific frequencies. Boosting that range will make a song seem louder and more powerful, for example, if it has a lot of bass (low-frequency sound).


Open the equalizer and increase the gain, or volume, for all frequencies by the same amount to boost the loudness of your speakers. Every frequency slider should be at the same level. Reduce each slider by 3 dB, for example, if every slider is at zero save one that is at -3 dB. Each slider should be increased by 4 dB if it is set to +4 dB.


Use Multiple Speakers to Get Stereo Sound

Three-way speakers, on the other hand, are designed to be used in the middle of a room, so even they don’t provide great stereo separation. When listening to music with vocals, it’s essential to use more than one speaker to build a left channel and right channel; this is particularly true when listening in stereo.


Why is Bluetooth speaker volume low ?

There are numerous reasons why your Bluetooth speaker is so quiet (low volume)


  • The first reason is that your volume is set too low. This can be resolved by simply increasing the level by tapping the power button on your device and modifying the volume settings.
  • The second cause is that your Bluetooth gadget has a faulty speaker or microphone, which means it will constantly sound silent until you replace it.
  • The third reason is that you are in a noisy location, which means your Bluetooth speaker will not be able to produce adequate sound due to the ambient noise.
  • You are too far away from your Bluetooth speaker, which brings us to our fourth excuse. If so, due to the distance between your device’s speakers and them, it will sound quiet.
  • It could also be that the speaker’s battery is running low, which makes it challenging for your device to communicate with the speakers and make them sound louder.


Loudest portable Bluetooth speakers

There are three suggestions I’ll offer, one of which I got from various polls from several of my pals who were pleased with the Bluetooth speaker item they had purchased.


Loudest portable Bluetooth speakers
Marshall Woburn 2 (Source: Amazon Review)


Marshall Woburn 2

Marshall, the longtime King of Loud with their amps and speakers, was our first review of the Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Marshall, on the other hand, has recently created some outstanding, although slightly costly, Bluetooth speakers that have adapted to the shifting market.


In Woburn 2, Marshall provides superb sound quality. The vocals are upfront and center, and the rest of the instruments are clear and in the right place. Thanks to two subwoofers with a bass reflex system, Bass is loud and really pounds.


The Marshall speaker’s greatest failing is its upkeep requirement. It should remain inside at all costs because it isn’t water or dustproof. This speaker isn’t going to impress you if you’re looking for a loudspeaker that can be taken around or packed with extra features.



  • Traditional Marshall design.
  • Over the frequency spectrum, excellent sound.
  • Excellent for indoor use.


  • Not very durable; must be protected from water and dust.
  • Expensive


The Sonos smart speaker and a Bluetooth speaker loader.
Sonos Move (Source: Amazon Review)

Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is no different from other Sonos products in terms of quality. Sonos’ “Move” is a big departure from their original portable speaker. This system is now a great, versatile smart speaker, thanks to Sonos’ integration of Alexa and Google Assistant.


The Sonos Move is not for bass-heads, as it has no subwoofer and lacks some lower frequency nuances due to the lack of a subwoofer. The Move won’t cut it if you’re a basshead who enjoys listening to EDM or hip-hop. As a result, it is difficult to choose the speaker above others.


For individuals who don’t want to buy an Amazon Echo but need a comparable styled and functionality-packed speaker, we believe this one is the best option. Unlike the Echo Studio, it is also portable, allowing your smart speaker to accompany you on your travels.



  • Online assistants have a lot of flexibility.
  • Portable.


  • doesn’t have low frequencies


Bose SoundLink Mini 2 Loudest portable Bluetooth speakers
Bose SoundLink Mini 2 (Source: Amazon Review)


Bose SoundLink Mini 2

There is no audio separation in this product. It’s nearly impossible to find something this small. The speakers, on the other hand, seem to be much larger than they appear. While it distorts relatively quickly when increasing the volume, the sound is reasonable and more comparable to the bigger speakers on this list.


The sound quality on the Bose is simply outstanding, whether it’s not that loud. The vocals are loud and clear, and the music is crisp. The bass is tight. This speaker is ideal for anyone who wants excellent sound, excellent definition, and a more neutral mix.


It has a shorter battery life than most speakers, with a 30-meter connection range. With a smaller battery capacity, 10 hours is good. Battery life is somewhat below average, but decent considering the lack of space.



  • Dependable and robust construction.
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Design that is dated.
  • Greater volumes cause distortion.
  • Less wireless range than the majority of Bluetooth speakers.


Loudest Bluetooth speaker for outdoors​

Okay, here are some recommendations for portable Bluetooth speakers for you to consider for outdoor use:

The JBL Boombox 2 is the loudest Bluetooth speaker for outdoor.
JBL Boombox 2 (Source: Amazon Review)


JBL Boombox

JBL’s boombox is huge, weighing in at around 5 kg. Comes a lot of power with such a huge frame and weight. Considering 30 Watts of output can produce an astounding 100dB of sound, JBL’s boombox comes equipped with two subwoofers with 30-Watt outputs.


The Boombox is waterproof and suitable for the swimming pool, BBQ, or on a boat thanks to its IPX 7 rating, which is typical for most JBL Bluetooth speakers. In comparison to a lot of speakers with the same amount of power, JBL’s Boombox is significantly cheaper, such as the Soundboks.


Because it’s portable, the speaker can listen for a whole day without being connected to a power source. The battery has a capacity of 24 hours of usage, allowing it to power a two-day camping excursion with ease.



  • Waterproof.
  • The battery life is excellent.


  • The product is rather heavy.


Loudest Bluetooth speaker for cheap and quality outdoors​
AOMAIS GO (Source: Amazon Review)



The AOMAIS GO is the final of our Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers reviews, and it’s now available. Even if you’re not familiar with this travel Bluetooth speaker, it may surprise you how inexpensive it is when you compare it to the competition. You may get one of these for less than $75, which is much lower than the rest of the speakers on this list.


If you’re looking for a cheaper speaker that can match up toe to toe with the loudest of speakers on this list, then this one is for you. These speakers lack the precision that manufacturers like Bose and UE provide, but they are nonetheless better than most.


The AOMAIS GO is water and dustproof thanks to its IPX-7 rating. It’s also splash proof, making it ideal for picnics, beach trips, and schoolwork.

Two 15W full-range speakers, two 10W tweeters, and two passive radiators are included in the speaker. This speaker has a 40W output that is comparable to that of any of the others on this list.

The bass is there, but it’s not as rich and full-sounding as we’d want. All the instruments have their own space, and the vocals are clean. There is more than enough room.


AOMAIS claims up to 40 hours of playback on a full charge, which is fantastic battery life. We strongly recommend the AOMAIS GO if you’re on a limited budget but require something loud.


  • Extremely low cost.
  • Water- and dust-resistant.
  • Exceptional battery life



  • As compared to more expensive speakers, it lacks the same clarity.



You might learn how to make your Bluetooth speaker louder by reading this article on how to boost a Bluetooth speaker. You may now instantly adjust the volume and fix it. You should also experiment with various Bluetooth speakers in various locations to get the loudest sound possible, Wherever and whenever you can, listen to excellent sound.

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