How to Install Speakers on a Truck Bed

Installing a speaker system in a truck bed can be a great way to boost your music. Whether you’re driving or hanging out with friends, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tunes clearly. Installing speakers in a truck bed can be tricky. There is no perfect solution for everyone, but here’s a simple way to set it up.


How do you install speakers in a truck bed? The first way is to build a sturdy box and place it on top of the truck bed. The other way is to mount the speakers to the top of the truck bed.


Regardless of how you want to install speakers on your truck, remember that they must be water-resistant. Otherwise, the cones or surroundings can get damaged in no time from moisture or dust.


In this article, I will explain three ways to install car speakers in the bed of a pickup truck and what each method requires.


Every car has a different audio system. Just like it’s important to consider a lot of variables when buying your first truck bed, so is it when getting into speaker systems. You must take many variables into account before you even buy the first speaker/subwoofer/tweeter. Your car may have an amplifier, one or multiple speakers/subwoofers/tweeters, a dashboard deck, and a control or toggle switch.


When planning your layout, you must consider everything. The shape of your truck bed and the space available will affect your decision about speaker placement. There are two primary options for installing your speakers: internal and external.


Options for installing your speakers


Internal Arrangement

A truck bed speaker is a speaker mounted inside your truck bed. In some cases, this might be the best option. If you want to save money or if you have a lot of cargo in your bed, this might be a good solution. The internal speaker mounting unit is not my favorite. It requires me to make modifications to my truck and is inconvenient. I prefer to avoid hacking up my car as much as possible.

Installing new speakers in your truck is straightforward if you are replacing the factory-installed ones. However, you can also install new speakers if you already have some. This is convenient because you do not need to cut out the old ones.

A second disadvantage to an internal mounting is that you will have a tougher time running the wires through to the cab.


External Arrangement

The much more popular approach, and the method I recommend, is the external speaker truck bed setup.


This external speaker system design is a popular choice for those who want to get the best sound possible from their vehicle audio system. It allows for custom designs that might not be possible with a more common design, such as one that mounts directly into the sidewalls of the truck bed. It’s important to follow some guidelines for whatever system you choose, even if the design is super cool. If you are not mounting your speakers directly into the truck’s body, you need to put them in a box or cabinet. The industry calls this an enclosure.


You can see how to make a speaker box at home easily


Steps on how to Install Speakers in a Truck bed


Deciding the Size of the Speaker

When you’re installing car speakers in a truck, the first decision to make is what size of speaker to install. There are usually three sizes of speakers to choose from: 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch. The best option for you will depend on the type of music you like to listen to, and how loud you like it. There are also larger speakers available.


When you are buying speakers for your truck, the size of your truck seat can help you determine how big they should be. So take the dimensions of your truck’s seat before you go to buy speakers. As well, you need to buy an amp.


Finding the right place

Finding the optimal location for your speaker is essential. You can put it anywhere you’d like, but the best place to install this device would be underneath your rear seat. To do that, you must remove the rear seat from your truck. This can be done by unscrewing a few bolts.

  • After removing all the bolts from the rear seat, you can remove it completely. But we recommend that you flip the seat back before you actually remove it so that you do not have to deal with any issues.
  • Next, you have to remove the middle brace to give your rear passengers more legroom. It will not be needed once you install the speaker enclosure, which will provide enough support to make up for the missing brace.


Installation of the Speaker to the Enclosure

To install your speaker, you need to find the perfect place in your car. Once you’ve found it, you need to connect the wires to the amp and mount your speaker. To do this, you should strip off the power cord on the amplifier with a power stripper. Then you should solder the wires to the amp inside of your speaker box.


Next, connect the wires of the truck speakers to the 2 audio speakers. Next, place the speaker into the enclosure, and screw it into place. Remember that the type of enclosure depends on the size of the truck audio speaker. After screwing it in, just place the enclosure into its right position.


Connect the Wire for the Amplifier

After you have installed the amplifier, you must connect its power supply. You can start by connecting the power from the battery. It is extremely important to get power from the battery and not from the fuse box. Power from the fuse box is often dirty, and it might amplify engine noise through your speakers.


If you want to install a fuse in your car, you can use the fuse box under the hood of your car. However, you have to be very careful with the wires. If you hide the wires, they will be safe. It’s easy to install. Just stick the wire under the carpet and along the edge of the door.


Connect the Stereo-to-Amplifier

Now, you have to connect the wires. First, connect the stereo to amplifier cable to the RCA connections located behind the stereo. The ports are labeled and easy to find. Just like before, hide those wires well. Then, connect the 2 connectors to the respective ports.


Fasten the Wire for the Speakers

You must fasten the wires behind the amplifier. It’s crucial to have enough wire to connect the amplifier to the speaker, including an extra 6 inches of wire while cutting it. Strip the wires and connect it in the terminals.


Putting the Rear Seat Back

After installing the rear speaker, you should put the seat back on. First, place the rear speaker on top of the enclosure and then secure it with four screws. Take your time to make sure that it is secure. Now, you have installed your rear speakers. The next step is to check if your new speakers work well. After that, you need to clean up after yourself.


To put your speakers back in, you will just need to reverse the steps of removing them. Then, you can put the plug back in the hole. Lay the floor padding back down on top of the speaker wire, and screw the trim back on. Make sure that the speaker wire is not hanging low under your vehicle. Finally, take your truck out and test out your speakers.


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