How to get water out of earbuds: The safest way for you

Your earbuds get knocked out of your bag or elsewhere when it’s raining, so you run and get them. Water gets into the earbuds and makes them wet. And currently confused how to get water out of the earbuds?

Don’t be concerned, it is simple to get water out of earbuds at home using whatever you have at home, including a sink.


How to Get Water Out of Earbud

If your earbuds get wet, here are some things you can do to get water out of your earbuds.


Get Water Out of Earbud using water eject shortcut
Water eject shortcut IOS


Use water eject shortcut

The speaker will vibrate at a high frequency, forcing water to be expelled and protecting your earbuds from becoming wet, how the water ejection shortcut works.

Here’s how to use the feature on iOS:

How To Remove Water From Earbud Using Siri Shortcuts

      1. First and foremost, install Shortcuts Gallery on your iPhone.
      2. Make sure your iPhone and AirPods are connected. (Go to Settings Shortcuts. From there, toggle on Private Sharing.)
      3. Search for and hit the “Water Eject” button.
      4. When the water begins to leak out, pat it dry with a towel, preferably one made of microfiber.
      5. Repeat as often as required!


Your earbud should now be in working order, assuming you’ve followed the steps above. This is not a fake app; it really did help a large number of individuals at one point in time. However, the timings may be important for greater success. If you want to have a greater possibility of saving your earbud, you must use the app right away.

Get Water Out of Earbud using rice
wait 24 hours earpods in rice


Use A Rice

Open a rice bag from your kitchen, place both earbuds with their drivers and pieces inside the rice grains, and then seal it.

For around 48 hours, keep your earbuds in the rice bag.

The water in your earbud will be absorbed by the rice, which is a centuries-old method for absorbing water that is very effective.

This may take a long time, but it’s an effective way to try.


What NOT to Do When Earbud Get Wet


Do not use a hair dryer

A hair dryer is far too intense, despite the fact that it speeds up the drying process.

It may irreversibly damage the electrical gadget by melting tiny sections of it.

Other intense heat sources, such as a microwave or direct sunlight, are also affected.


Do not waste time

If your earbud absorbs water, it is critical to act fast to prevent it from penetrating through the rest of the electrical components.

The less harm will be done, and your earbuds are more likely to recover, if you can get the water to dry out as fast as possible.


What Causes Water Damage inside Earbuds?

Water damage may be done to your AirPods or earbud in a variety of ways, including misting them accidentally in a pool.

At various times, the AirPods/ earbuds may be quite delicate, so they must be treated with caution.

  • Water can harm your earbud’s body, especially if they’re stuck inside your hat or hooded jacket while it’s raining.
  • Sweat seeps into the earbud while wearing them for an extended period of time while engaging in exercise.
  • If you go swimming or have a pool party, the humidity in the air may cause water to accumulate inside your Earbuds.



How to get water out of earbuds was the goal of this article.

While the methods we’ve outlined may not recover your earbuds to their previous performance levels, they may be a way for you to repair them from damage.

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