How to fix wireless headphones not charging

Charging your wireless headphones is the same as charging your phone. Only the connector features and specific design models allow for charging a Bluetooth headphone. 

A micro-USB connection is found on the majority of wireless headphones, making charging them simple and quick. To charge these headphones, all you need is a high-quality cable.


Why Your Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Charge

It is always recommended that you use the original cable for charging wireless headphones by manufacturers of wireless headphones. 

The factory cable that comes with the headphones is the standard cable. The charging adapter is identical. For different adapters, the voltage is changed.


Your wireless headphone will not charge if you try to charge it with other devices’ equipment, since the connector or portions of the headphone will most likely be broken.

The following are possible causes for why your headphone isn’t charging or working:


The charging port may be damaged

Because the charging port isn’t working properly, your headphones may not be able to accept a charge. 

Corrosion, faulty connectors, or foreign objects blocking the port could all cause this. All of these situations may cause your charging cable to fail to fully connect with your charging port.


The charging cable is faulty

Your headphones will be incomplete without charging cables. They’re also fragile and prone to wear and tear with time. 

With continued use, the delicate wires inside the cable may become damaged. This is frequently the consequence of tension and damage to the wires inside due to constant pulling and twisting.


Tips – How to fix wireless Headphone if not charging

There are a variety of possible explanations for why your Bluetooth headphones won’t charge, and there are a variety of possible remedies. 

In reality, several headphone manufacturers have specific processes for solving this challenge. 

Before exploring a few brand-specific solutions, here are a few tried-and-true methods for dealing with the issue.


Clean USB port

Your headphone charging connection may be blocked by dirt in the charging port.

Cleaning the port is usually simple and fast in most situations. 

You only need a cloth, rubbing alcohol and a can of compressed air for this.


Let the headphones stay plugged in to the charger for a few hours.

Try keeping the headphones plugged in for a few hours if they haven’t been charged for a long time. 

Batteries should have gotten enough charge in that period, even if they hadn’t been fully charged when you took them off.


Make sure that the charging stand or case is properly seated

Certain headphones, rather than being charged by a cord directly, need a stand or case with a cord attached to it. 

Make sure your headphones are set up properly in order to accept a full charge if this is the case for you.


Hard reset wireless headphone

Many issues, including headphones that aren’t charging, may be solved by doing a hard reset. 

You may check out our full guide on how to reset your headphones for additional information on the process for doing a hard reset across models.


Solutions for each brand will vary depending on the differences between each pair of headphones. Let’s try some more targeted solutions for your issue if the prior approaches haven’t worked out.


How to fix Beat Wireless Headphone not charging

Lithium-ion batteries power Beats headphones. The high energy density of these batteries makes them popular. 

They can therefore hold a significant quantity of charge despite their tiny size.


These batteries only have a few chances to be charged before they are worn out.

The amount of charge the battery can hold decreases as time goes on since they are charged more. 

As a result, older headphones are more likely to experience a burned-out battery that either doesn’t hold a charge or isn’t charged at all.


You can remedy this by replacing the battery in your headphones. There are five steps you should take to achieve this:

  • Remove the case from the outside of the speaker.
remove casing outside beats headphone
Remove the casing headphones YouTube Central Sound
  • Gently disconnect the battery.
remove the connection for the baterai
Disconnecting the battery YouTube Central Sound
  • To remove the battery, use a prying device.
  • Replace the sticker that was removed from the old battery and put it back (Sticker) in its original place.

Remove the sticker from the back battery, place it back into position

  • Stick the new battery on the tape, and connect it to the battery.

reconnect the new battery

  • Attach the rear speaker cases together.


How to fix Jebra Wireless Headphone not charging

It may be a problem with your charging case if your Jabra earbuds won’t charge or cannot maintain a charge. You may fix the problem by resetting the case.

The charging case may be reset in the following ways:

  • Plug the case into a power source to charge it completely before placing the earbuds inside. Their charge can take up to two and a half hours to complete completely.
  • Remove the earbuds and then place them back in the case once the case has been fully charged. When you put one earbud in, make sure the other flashes red.
  • Plug the case into a power source with the lid open.
  • Close the lid after 3 to 5 seconds and let the earbuds and case charge for another 2 hours, when the battery level LED light flashes.



Your headphones aren’t necessarily out of commission because they aren’t charging anymore. You can breathe new life into your headphones by making a few adjustments and maybe replacing the battery. 

You’ll be able to stream music, watch films, and listen to podcasts again once they’ve been restored and operational. Have any of the techniques in this article helped you? We’d want to hear about your experience! Tell us in the comments below.

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