How to fix bluetooth earbuds when only one side works

How to fix Bluetooth earbuds that only work on one side, it’s not as difficult as we think.

You should first restart the headset to fix your Bluetooth earbuds. Try resetting Bluetooth and pairing if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

Try changing your mobile/computer audio settings if that doesn’t work. Otherwise, we believe the issue is with your sound.


Read the following article to learn more about the solutions. The article explains How to fix Bluetooth earbuds that only work on one side. In addition, there are instructions on how to determine if Bluetooth earbuds only one side works at a time.

If only one of your earbuds is working, follow these tips and quick fixes. You can have a functioning pair of headphones in just a few minutes with these tips.


Step by step to Repair Your Earbuds

1. Try a Different Pair of Earbuds

You should start by determining if your headphones are the source of the problem. If you wish to do so, connect a second working good headphone to your gadget and pair it. See if you can borrow a pair from a friend if you don’t have another. You know for sure that the problem is with your headphones, if all is well. Adjust your gadget’s audio settings if both pairs only work on one side.


2. Look for Broken Cables

You should start looking for a faulty internal cable if your headphones are fully charged and only work on one side. It’s very simple to do, so don’t worry. Remove the case from the Bluetooth device. Connect the broken wires using a soldering iron. Test Bluetooth functionality by putting everything back in the case and turning it on.


3. Reset Your Earbud Settings

One option is to quickly reset your earbuds if you believe that one side of your earbud is damaged. Just press the power button on your device and keep holding it until the headphones turn blue or red, and it’s very simple. After that, try connecting your device again to see if it works.


4. Check Mono Settings

Sound will only play through one of the headphone speakers if the audio is set to mono, leading you to believe it’s wrong. Be sure to double-check this, as you might throw away a perfectly fine pair of Bluetooth headphones without even knowing it.

If you’re a computer specialist, go ahead and fix it yourself to keep the warranty intact a little longer, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s not worth the risk.



Even if your favorite pair of headphones doesn’t work properly on one side, don’t toss them away. Before you can determine if they can be repaired at home, follow the instructions above. When you listen to earbuds hard and often, they tend to stop working or break down. As a result, use them with caution and care for optimum effects.


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