How to Charge Wireless Earbuds and Maintain Earbuds

If you just bought the earbuds and don’t know how to charge wireless earbuds, we’ll definitely help. Charging the earbuds becomes more difficult as time goes on. It’s also difficult to tell if the earbuds are charging in their case or not.


You can charge earbuds using a cable or wirelessly here. For some of us, modern technology has made things more difficult. Bluetooth earbuds have their own set of technologies that wired ones don’t. In addition, if the earbuds aren’t charging, we’ll demonstrate the process in simple steps, so you can diagnose the problem.


Charging your earbuds is simple with this step-by-step guide

There are several alternative ways to charge your wireless earbuds, depending on the model you have. Whether it’s via a more common Micro USB connection or the use of a charging case supplied.


It may be difficult to discern how you should charge your new earphones when there are so many ways to choose from today. As a result, we’ve provided a list of the several techniques you may discover and how to properly charge your earbuds.


Use a Micro USB Cable to Charge Your Earbuds

Charging your earbuds is simple with a micro USB cable. Just connect the charger to your earbuds and plug the other end into an available outlet.


How to Charge Earbuds Wirelessly

Wireless charging of Bluetooth headphones is the most popular way today to recharge your devices. You may now recharge your headphones and their charging case with a wireless charger that is integrated into several models and Bluetooth devices.

The wireless charging case will get a continuous flow of electricity without the use of a connection. An indicator light will illuminate once the battery has achieved full charge, signaling that you are ready to go.

Since there is no portable attachment, a portable charger is ideal for those who frequently misplace things. Since you don’t have to keep track of a certain kind of cord, such as A-type or C-type, you may set the mat in one location.


It’s worth noting that this charging method is used for charging cellphones and other electronic devices, as well as Bluetooth earbuds.


How To Charge Wireless Earbuds With Case

A rechargeable charging case is now available with ear plugs, which may be used as a portable power bank. Earphones with a case charging capability are a good investment if you travel often. Before you leave, make sure the earphone case is fully charged.

  1. A micro USB cord can be used to charge your earphones.
  2. When the case has been charged, the indicator will turn on.
  3. The earplugs must then be placed into the case, after that.

The battery life of the pair of earbuds is extended by the case charging mechanism. You can wear earphones for almost 15 hours based on the model.

What if I lose my earbud case? Can my earbuds be recharged? I don’t recommend that you try plugging a power source directly into your earbuds without a case. In the end, you have to charge the earbuds/AirPods using the case. If you lose your wireless earbuds/AirPods case, you’ll have to buy new ones to recharge your wireless earbuds, so there’s no other choice.


Why won’t my wireless earbuds charge

Because there are so many different earbud models on the market, it can be difficult to figure out what’s wrong with your specific earbud.

  • Turn off your earbuds and attempt to turn them back on, as well as make sure they’re completely charged.
  • Contacting the product manufacturer’s support team is your only option if it still doesn’t work. This may be attained in a variety of ways, such as via social media, e-mail or directly contacting the manufacturer.
  • If you want to try to disassemble your earbuds and discover the problem, I suggest watching this video first, so as to avoid any unpleasant things occurring; alternatively, if you don’t want to do it, I don’t recommend it.



You may read my previous article, How to Fix Wireless Headphones that aren’t Charging, for a more thorough examination.

What Causes Wireless Earbuds to Lose Their Battery Life, and What Can You Do?


Using Rechargeable Battery

Since using a rechargeable battery may harm your earphones due to incorrect and unsteady power, this is not advised.


Keep Your Earphones in their Case

Please don’t pile them up or leave them around. Since the earphones lose charge every time they are out and battery status degrades, keep them in the case at all times. In addition, it keeps your earbuds safe and secure by constantly charging and ready to use them.


Use the Original Charger

Designers provide an in-box charger because each cell has a set capacity. Using a separate charger to provide the earbuds battery with more power than is required might damage the internal circuitry. Therefore, if you haven’t been charging your device with an alternate charger, stop right now and get one to avoid battery usage.


Clear Out the Case

The charging pads inside the case may be covered with ear wax or dirt particles, preventing the earphones from connecting to them, according to Ear Canal.


How To Improve Battery Life of Wireless Earbuds

  1. Always store your earbuds in a car that is neither hot nor cold, use them in a jacuzzi, or store them outside. At high temperatures, lithium batteries don’t perform well.
  2. Leaving a battery attached to a power source for a long period while recharging it is one of the most prevalent mistakes
  3. Never keep your earphones or charging port connected for an extended period of time. Once they’re fully charged, unplug the cord.
  4. Make certain to turn off Bluetooth when you’re done using your Bluetooth earphones or headphones, so that your battery doesn’t get drained any further.
  5. Bluetooth earbuds last longer and provide the most reliable backup batteries when they are worn at a volume of 70%. From now on, avoid listening to music at 90% or 100% intensity


FAQs :

How long does it take to charge wireless earbuds?

The earbuds’ brand and battery capacity determine the charge time. Earbuds may take 3 to 8 hours to fully recharge, depending on a variety of factors.


Why does my wireless earbuds’ battery run out so quickly?

Make sure to replace your Surface Earbuds, particularly the cover, and see if the problem persists if one is draining quickly. The built-in battery may be malfunctioning at this point.


Earbuds, which is better: wireless charging or USB?

I believe that charging via USB is crucial, and I strongly advise it. Why is it, since the electric current will be more consistent and have a significant impact on the lifespan of your earbuds when you charge them using a USB charger.


How do I know when my wireless earbuds are charged ?

While this can vary depending on the manufacturer and type, the LED light display on your Bluetooth device will generally turn green when it reaches an average battery level or maximum charge. Additional Bluetooth earbuds include an audio notification when you are near to fully charge, which can be triggered by clicking a button.


How to charge earbuds without case?

There is no other way, you have to buy a new case to recharge the wireless earbuds if you lose the wireless earbuds/AirPods case. You might get earbud covers on Amazon, for example, or at another well-known marketplace.

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