The Benefits of High Watt Car Stereo for Car Audio

Get the perfect car stereo for your needs. The high wattage car stereo is a powerful component that will keep you entertained on your journey.


What are the Advantages of a High Wattage Car Stereo?

The advantages of a high wattage car stereo are that it has greater power and produces higher volume levels. There are many other benefits to owning a high wattage car stereo as well such as the ability to play your favorite songs louder, have better sound quality, and have more bass.


A high wattage car stereo is also more durable than other car stereos. 


What to Look for in a High Wattage Kit?

A high wattage stereo is able to produce a loud sound with greater clarity. It is important to look for a high wattage car amp that has the right balance of power and features to ensure that you get the best performance. A lot of factors need to be considered when buying car amps, like its size, power, features and output. To find the best car amp, it is important to understand these factors and make sure that you buy from a reputable dealer.


The best wattage stereo should have enough power for your needs, good quality audio output and should also have enough features for you to enjoy your music or audio content in an enjoyable manner.


The Best Way to Install a High Watt Car Audio System

Car audio systems are not just for music. They can also be used as a power amplifier to improve the sound quality and volume of your car speakers.  But before you can install a car audio system, you will need to know how to install amplifiers. This guide will provide you with the best way to do so,  How to Install Car Amplifiers.


How to Choose the Right Amp for Your Car?


There are three main factors to consider when choosing an amplifier for your car: the power output, the size of the amplifier, and the frequency response.


To choose a good amp, you should first consider what kind of music you like to listen to. If you’re planning on listening to bass-heavy music or country music, then an amp with a larger power output is necessary. If you’re more into classic rock or classical music, then an amp with a higher frequency response is preferable.


If you’re unsure about what kind of music you like to listen to, then it’s best to go with something that has a wide range of frequencies and can be adjusted accordingly.


Which is Better – Amps or Subwoofers?

The question of which is better – an amp or a subwoofer – has been debated for years. This debate has taken place in the car audio community and on internet forums.


The debate takes place mainly because of the way that each device produces sound. The amp produces a clean, crisp sound that is not as loud as the subwoofer.  Subwoofers produce low frequency sounds that are louder than what an amp can produce.


An amp puts out a clean and crisp sound while a subwoofer puts out low frequency sounds that are louder than an amplifier can produce.


What is the Best Way for You to Get Started with a High Watt Car Audio System

One of the best ways to get started with a High Watt Car Audio System is to start with a low-watt system. This can be done by adding speakers and amplifiers that are designed for high-wattage systems.


How Many Watts Is Good for a Car Stereo

For a good audio experience, you’ll need more than 20 Watts RMS per channel. This is enough to power most standard speakers & provide a satisfying sound. Factory-installed car stereos rarely provide an impressive on-road stereo experience because they make use of low wattage RMS.


When buying a new car stereo, it’s important to be aware of the wattage of each channel. Always ask for RMS wattage per channel and only buy from a reputable company if you feel like the quality will be worth the price. Car stereo manufacturers sometimes put the peak wattage on the product page to impress customers, but what you need when looking for a car stereo is RMS.


The loudness of the sound system depends on the per-channel wattage output of the car stereo or amplifier. The car stereo ranges between 8 – 32 Watts. On average, most double DIN stereos with 7-inch displays have 15 Watts, and some might go as high as 20W.


But why do we always check the RMS and not the peak wattage? That is a great question. Let’s start by understanding some basic terminology.



The watt is a unit that measures electrical power. It is the rate at which energy is produced or used at a specific moment. The power in car stereos is the wattage that can be delivered to amps, speakers, etc.


RMS Wattage

RMS wattage is the power capacity of a device that runs continuously. It stands for root mean square wattage, which means that it measures the average amount of power over a time interval rather than instantaneous power that comes out of a short burst.


Peak Wattage

Peak wattage is the maximum power that a device can handle for a short period of time, not continuously without risking damage.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do More Watts Mean Better Sound?

For example, if you replace 10W speakers with 20W speakers, you will notice an increase in volume. However, the increase is not linear. The actual increase is proportional to the square of the new wattage.


How Much Wattage Is Needed to Double the Sound?

To double the volume, a doubling of dB would be required.

  • 2 times of power = 3 dB SPL
  • 4 times of power = 6 dB SPL
  • 10 times of power = 10 dB SPL


A 10-times increase in power leads to a doubling of loudness. In other words, to increase sensitivity by 10 decibels, we have to apply ten times more power. If you use a 10-watt amp and want to double the loudness, you have to replace it with 100 watts.


Conclusion :


When buying a car stereo, always check the RMS rating. Many manufacturers show peak power, which is much higher than RMS.


More wattage means more sound. But speakers also have to be sensitive enough to produce high-quality sound at high volumes. Doubling the wattage will increase the volume by 3dB, whereas doubling the loudness will require a tenfold increase in wattage.


Benefit High Watt Car Stero

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