High Pitched Sound Car Speaker? – How to fix it

Everyone wishes for good-sounding, clean speakers. What if, however, your speakers make a high sound?

While listening to music on the road, the high-pitched sound on your speakers will make you feel uneasy.

Don’t worry, you can still fix it, and in this article, I’ll show you how to fix the high-pitched sound from your car speakers.


Why Car Speakers are Making High Pitched Sound?

High Pitched Sound Car Speaker

There are loads of reasons for car speaker noise. 

  • The alternator, 
  • The battery and even something as simple as dirt can cause problems, etc…

To solve this issue, you’ll need to find the reason behind it first. We’ll go over that in the next section.


Alternator Whine

a high-pitched sound coming from your car speakers is a sign of trouble. 

It usually means your alternator has gone bad, and it can get progressively worse over time. 

As the speed increases, the sound of the alternator whining increases.


This alternator defect has one of three causes: it may be due to a faulty ground connection in the component position, or it might have been fixed incorrectly on bare metal. 


How To Fix Alternator Whine in Car Audio?

Alternator Whine in Car Audio
Source: Quora


Alternator whine in the car audio system can occur for a variety of reasons.


Audio system ground wire is not connected properly

The alternator can make a certain sound if the ground wire is not connected properly. If this happens, make sure to check and fix the ground wire connection.


Poor wiring and an improperly grounded vehicle audio system cause ground loop interference

A ground loop isolator is one solution to eliminate this interference. This will isolate potential ground and keep noise out of your audio system.

We recommend choosing the BESIGN Ground Loop Isolator for Car Audio or Home Audio for your convenience. It is a plug-and-play device that works well with almost any audio system.


Battery Connection

Battery connections can cause problems with the sound system. Make sure all terminals are tight and there’s no corrosion on them.

When the battery is corroded or damaged, the system will emit a high-pitched whine. As a result, it is recommended that you check your car battery connection on a regular basis.


Install noise filter

You can install a noise filter between the car battery and alternator or something else in the power cord for the head unit.

They will ensure that any high-pitched sound produced by the alternator will be filtered out of your car speakers.


Change the Radio

In some cases the high sound is caused by the radio playing high sound, the solution is to check the radio in your car whether the radio is in good condition or not.


Take note of your car’s antenna

When checking ground and radio connections, one thing that often goes unnoticed is the antenna.

If you notice a high-pitched sound coming from your car speakers, a faulty antenna may be the cause. Check the antenna area and fix any problems found.



In general, the problem with the speakers that make high-pitched sound is because there are some problems that occur in the alternator and ground connection.

So If your car speakers are currently making high-pitched sounds, check the alternator and ground connection.

Don’t forget to also check for corrosion on the battery terminals and replace if necessary.

Make sure the battery terminals are free of corrosion before replacing, and consider replacing any corroded terminal as quickly as possible.


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