How to Get Rid of Annoying Engine Noise in Car Stereo

While driving on the road, many people like to enjoy the moment by listening to music. However, sometimes engine noise in car stereo occurs, which then ruins the whole situation.

Thus, you can fix this technical problem. Otherwise, before fixing it make sure to find the right cause of the noise.


Reasons & How to Get Rid of Engine Noise in Speakers

Engine noise in car stereo occurs due to some reasons. However, most of them are caused because of inadequate grounding, faulty RCA cables to poor speaker wires.

To help get rid of the engine noise in car stereo, here are some things you can do:


1. Prepare Some Essential Items

Before getting details, prepare some essential items that will help you get rid of the engine noise. The things are combination pliers, wire strippers, insulation tape, tin cutter to mu-metal sheet.


2. Look for the Noise

After preparing all the items, look for the source of the noise. To make sure that the sound is from the car engine, turn on the stereo and the machine too. 

Then, adjust the volume to the maximum capacity.

After that, turn off the car. If the whining noise disappears then you can surely say that the issue is from the engine.


3. Check & Change Cables

One of the main reasons why car stereos have engine noise is because of faulty cables. Therefore, the easiest way to repair this is by changing it with a good-quality cable. 

Try to check each RCA cable there is in the car and change the defective ones. If this is the cause, then the noise should disappear. 


4. Check Out the Stereo

Another option you can try is by taking out the stereo and playing it outside the dash. This is to check whether there is poor shielding that causes electrical interference. 

If the sound is clearer outside, then there is poor shielding. You can solve this issue just by wrapping around Mu-metal strips around the stereo. 


5. Checking Out the Speaker Wires

Other than the stereo, the speaker wires can also be the cause of engine noise in car stereo. 

To solve this problem, wrap around some metal sheets like Mu-metal around the wires. Besides, change the position of the wires into a better place.

So, they do not nudge other electrical cables. 


6. Recheck Car Battery & Alternator

Do not forget to check out the car’s battery and the alternator too. If this one seems to be the main problem, substitute it with a new item. 

Otherwise, if the alternator becomes the main cause, then get your car engine tuned up. You may find out that you will also need some other repairs through this process. 


7. Use Noise Filter

If all the solutions above do not remove the static noise from car speakersthen use a filter to get rid of it.

The installation process is easy. However, you will need additional spare parts to complete the installation. 

See here the benefits of using a noise filter in your car



Above all, if all the steps above do not solve the problem, then the last solution you can do is use a noise filter. This is effective and simple to do. 

After understanding the cause of engine noise in car stereo, you now know how to get rid of it. 


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