How to solve bluetooth connected to car but not making sound in my car

Bluetooth connected to car but not making sound in my car, why is it happening ?

If the  Bluetooth audio not working in your car, music not playing through Bluetooth in car. Don’t be concerned, because I’ll show you several methods in this article. This may be limited to certain goods and operating systems.


Music not playing through Bluetooth in car, How to solve it?

This problem usually occurs because of interference with the cellphone and Bluetooth that won’t connect, usually because it doesn’t find Bluetooth from the cellphone, or it can’t be read on the head unit.

It’s important to note that not all automobiles can use Bluetooth to play music. If the issue is with the automobile, check the instructions in your car’s manual. Also make sure that the phone’s volume is turned up and that the car or accessory’s volume is turned up.

my bluetooth is connected but no sound in my car
Bluetooth audio not working in my car


If there is such a problem, there are 3 options you can try,

  1. switch connection with another phone
  2. use a cable to connect it.
  3. Or try resetting it on your phone.


For methods 1 and 2, I don’t think I need to explain anymore, here we will focus on the 3rd option, which is how to fix Bluetooth audio settings that don’t work in your car.


Step 1: If your phone was previously connected with Bluetooth in your car, try to clear the list of these devices.

Step 2: Also delete the list of devices that have been connected in your car’s memory

Step 3: Reload device list, then try to reconnect




Bluetooth connected to car but no sound, iPhone how to fix ?

Try clearing Bluetooth list from your phone and car memory, and try to reconnect your iOS gadget to your car Bluetooth.



How do I reset the Bluetooth on my car?

  1. Begin by going to your car’s stereo’s “Phone/Bluetooth” settings and accessing Bluetooth management or paired phones.
  2. To reset the connection, select one of the linked devices and click “delete/ignore/forget this device.”
  3. If necessary, repeat with more devices.
  4. You may wish to repeat the process on your smartphone to completely reset the connection.


Why no audio when playing spotify in car when using bluetooth ?

Try the following and see if it works after each step:

  • Check that your operating system is up to date.
  • Check that your Spotify app is up to date.
  • Reinstall the spotify app.
  • Under ‘Bluetooth,’ follow the instructions on this help page.
  • Remember that some car models require Spotify Premium to function.

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