Choosing the Best Soundbars with Wireless Rear Speakers

A home theatre is just not complete without a good bass. However, to get the best sound quality, then it is best to connect the device to soundbars that come with wireless rear speakers.


By connecting your device to a soundbar, users will also get more options of settings that can make the sound even better than before. 


Best Options of Soundbar with Wireless Rear Speakers

To choose the soundbar that suits your device at home, here are some of the best recommendations based on the design and quality:


JBL 5.1 Channel Soundbar

The first option on the list that you must check out is the JBL 5.1 channel soundbar. This speaker can deliver earthshaking and bombastic sounds that are just great for music or bass lovers. 

This product comes with a total outpower of 510 W. 


For the design, this device comes with two wireless rear speakers. The sizes are not too big so they can fit perfectly inside small spaces. 

As for the connectivity, they can work well with any kind of device, starting from smartphones, tablets to your Smart TV. 

The only con for the JBL 5.1 is that it does not support Wi-Fi.


Sony HT-Z9F 

The next option on the list is the Sony HT-Z9F. This is one of the best soundbars with wireless rear speakers on the list because it delivers a powerful, well-defined sound.

Besides, the speaker has a slim and sleek design. To make it even better, the HT-Z9F comes with a removable grille so people can conceal it easily.

However, when you want to set this sound system up make sure to read the guidance because you will need many installations.


Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 600W

If you are looking for a soundbar that delivers great bass, Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro 600W is a perfect choice. This device comes with an 8-inch wireless subwoofer. 

As it is big, this soundbar does not come with wireless rear speakers

This product comes with a wireless sub with also two long wired rears. So, you can easily stretch them across a decent living room. 

Despite the great quality, this device is a bit pricey.


Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR

As for those looking for an affordable yet good sound quality speaker, then check out the Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR. 

This device is known to deliver a clear yet strong sound with its patented SDA technology. 

In addition to its quality, the device comes with wireless rear surround speakers that are small and lightweight. 

The only minus thing about this sound system is that you can only access the Chromecast through the music app. 


Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System PlayBar

The Sonos 5.1 Home Theater is a great option for those who love music. The output from this speaker is clear with deep bass, making it deliver great quality of sound.

Also, this Sonos home theater comes with one of the best minimalistic designs. Therefore, even if you put them beside your TV or other devices, they will not look bulky. 


Now compared to other soundbars with wireless rear speakers, the price of this Sonos system is a bit expensive.


Best Speaker to Have


Now if you are wondering which is the best buy, then the answer is the Sony HT-Z9F soundbar. It delivers great sound and costs the best price.

So, if you want to get a more powerful sound and a different experience for your home cinema, then having a soundbar with wireless rear speakers is a must.

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